Thank you

To me, there is something so special about saying thank you. I remember a church lesson when I was probably 14 about the importance of thanking others for what they do. The teacher also quoted Marjorie Hinkley who said that saying "thank you" is a mark of an educated person.

I have never forgotten that lesson and I feel like it has changed my life in a significant way. Since then, I have tried my hardest to be a thankful person: to thank my loved ones for acts of kindness, to thank acquaintances for a job well done, to thank a complete stranger for opening the door for me.

When Lance and I were married, I was overwhelmed at the amount of generous gifts we received from everyone. I insisted on writing each of the thank you cards by hand, not realizing that I would literally get blisters from writing so long. But it was worth it! I wanted each person to know how much their kindness meant to us. 

I also LOVE getting a thank you card in the mail-- or finding one lying on my pillow, placed lovingly  by a dear friend or a sweet husband. 

So, as you can see-- I really mean it when I say I get EXCITED about thank you cards :)
Here are some I've designed to print from home for personal use. Simply click on the image to make larger, and save to your desktop. Print and reprint at any time!

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