Freebie Friday

In an effort to get ready for baby girl, we moved the furniture in the nursery 
around. It left this wall right when you walk in completely empty so I set out to
create a print to hang on the wall. 

I inherited the frame when my grandpa passed away. With just a simple coat
of gold spray paint, and a custom cut matte from Hobby Lobby (about $4),
I am so pleased with how it turned out and how it looks in the room!

I want my children to always know that they are children of a loving
Heavenly Father - and what better way to remind them of this than to have
it hanging on their wall?

Click here to download the free PDF!


Freebie Friday

Anyone who has had children knows how difficult it can be to see how your body changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy and childbirth are miracles: miracles that leave your body less than perfect when you're all finished.

With my first pregnancy I lost 15 pounds in the beginning from being so sick which helped the weight come off really fast after I had #1. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight just 10 days after having him! But the composition of my body was very different than it had been before.

Now, after pregnancy and childbirth #2 the story is the same plus an extra 5 pounds. 5 pounds may not seem like much, but even 5 pounds can mean a lot when it's the difference between fitting in all of your jeans or not! We can all relate to that, right?

So! This is where I am-- with a body that seems foreign to me. I'm ready for a change, and I'm ready to fit into all of my designer jeans again :) Here's my plan:

Click here to download the PDF.

The goal section is empty on the PDF so that you can set your own goal.
Who's with me?!


It has been almost a year since I said goodbye to the Whimsy Place blog. In that time we added another member to our growing family!

Cambridge Colette is now 8 weeks old and my little angel. We are so delighted to have her here and her sweet little spirit brings so much happiness to our home! I love being a mother to my two beautiful children.

As many of you know, my pregnancies have been so incredibly difficult that it's nearly impossible to focus on anything other than getting by - which is the real reason I had to take a break from Whimsy Place. But now that my babe is here and we are over the hump of sleepless nights, I am so very excited to be back!

Over the last 5 years I have dabbled in a number of creative pursuits: frame making, photography, interior design, stationery design and sales, etc. I get in full-swing with a website, clients, sourcing, etc. only to come to realize that I cannot sustain the amount of clients I've received without jeopardizing my roll as mother. It's been hard to find a balance between being a wife and mother, and having a fulfilling creative outlet. I'm sure so many of you have been in the same place!

Every time I have decided to "quit" something, or shift my focus back to my family I have felt guilty and silly for letting all my clients down, but knew it was the right decision at the time. After a lot of thought and consideration, I believe I have finally found the right place for me! I will use this blog to share my creative pursuits - whatever they may be at the time. For example,

  • I'm working to lose my post-baby weight and created a chart to track my progress. I will be posting that as a freebie tomorrow. 
  • My son needed some activities to keep him entertained during church so I designed a magnetic quiet book which I posted on Pinterest and have now had over 20,000 page views from.
  • I designed some art for our new nursery which I will post as a freebie next week.

So, my plan is to continue doing and designing the things I would normally do! The only difference is that I will post them here for anyone and everyone to use. I can't promise regular posts, and my posts may seem random, but I hope you'll still stick around and enjoy some of my creativity. 

Thank you for your love and support!

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