The End: for now

When I started the Whimsy Place blog, the idea was that running a successful blog is a monumental task; one that is difficult to accomplish alone. I believed that gathering contributors, who could all post once a week would be the perfect answer! Then, if any one of our lives got too crazy, it was ok because the other 4 or 5 women could keep everything together until things got better. And for a few months we did a great job, but one by one each of the contributors said they couldn't do it anymore and now I've found my life is just too crazy to continue this blog. I'm saddened, but feel there is a time and a season to everything and I look forward to the day when having a fun, creative blog will be in the works.

For now, I will focus on my number one which is my family and hope you will join us at some point in the future when Whimsy Place can make it's debut again.

Avoire! For now.


Clarisonic Vs. Olay Pro-X Cleansing System

I've been on the lookout for the last few months to find something
to clear up my dang skin. I heard about Clarisonic & it's amazing, but it starts at $119.
The reason it's said to be so great, is it makes your skin SO soft, and nothing can get your skin cleaner 
than this can. It's said to clear breakouts, and reduce fine lines on your face.

I really wanted Clarisonic, but then I heard about the Olay Pro-X Cleansing System. In the reviews, it claimed to be just as good as the competitor & at only $26, how could I not try it? 

Now let me tell you! I've had Olay Pro-X for a little over a month, & it's great. My skin has never been softer, I still have small breakouts, but my skin is definitely happier than it was before.
My cute husband got me some new facial cleanser from Sephora for Christmas, it's called Bliss. 

This stuff is awesome! It has a small exfoliant, so it's not super harsh on your skin.
All the girls I talked to at my Sephora store use it as their #1 cleanser as well. 
It's $22 for a 6.7 oz bottle. 

Hope this has helped any of you that are having "face" issues like me. :)

See ya next Thursday!

How Sweet

This lovely little print is framed right next to my bed and I still love seeing it every day. 

I promised it would soon be a freebie and here it is in either blue or pink! Simply open it, then 
right click to save to anywhere on your computer.

I printed mine on a white linen card stock because I love the texture. As you can see, mine is in a square frame but because of the size of the print, you can also choose to have it in a regular frame as well.

Happy Wednesday!

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