Family Picture Wardrobe Ideas

We are getting our family pictures taken next week. Most of you have probably already gotten yours taken for the year, but I thought I'd share a few wardrobe ideas for those of you who haven't!

Sometimes, choosing a wardrobe for the family seems overwhelming. There are a million options and it can be hard to coordinate without looking too matchy-matchy. Here are a few of tips to help your family look like a million bucks!

  • Start with one favorite piece of clothing and work from there (look for something that's unique)
  • Choose one, two or three basic colors, then vary with shades and patterns
  • Choose clothing that looks tailored and thoughtful (pleats, buttons, ruffles, etc.)
  • Dont put anyone in the same shirt or outfit- different outfits add visual interest to the photo
  • Layer, layer, layer! This is the #1 secret to having magazine-worthy family photos 
  • Accessorize with hats, leg warmers, scarves and belts

Notice her beautiful orange jacket with pleats

For a larger family, doing one color really simplifies the photo and makes it feel classy

 I love the dressed-up-with-jeans look

Notice all the layers in these two photos! The vests are so adorable on the boys.

Her boots are great, along with the brown tights

Love the addition of the brown velvet blazer and dress for texture.

When trying to choose colors, think of the color wheel. Any colors across 
from each other will generally look good together. 

If all else fails, find a family photo that you love and copy it to the T!

Now for where to get your clothing... Most of us don't (or choose not to) shop at the pricey name-brand stores. If you would like a tailored look without the expense, try shopping at H&M, Forever 21, or my new favorite online store, Nextdirect.com. They are a UK-based company (I think) and are the perfect balance between great style and affordable prices. I am in no way being compensated for promoting their store- I just love the clothing :)

Good luck! Here's to beautiful family photos.

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