Christmas giveaway

We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving! Remember the thankful cards we gave away for Thanksgiving? Well, I printed them out and had my family fill them out. Everyone didn't seem too excited about it - especially my older brothers, but when we sat down to go around and tell what we had written, the most magical thing happened! The mood turned incredibly tender and we shared some wonderfully thankful moments together. 

If you didn't print out the thankful cards this year, make sure to do it next year! You wont regret it.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it seems Christmas is just around the corner. This giveaway is perfect for Christmas card tags! Add them to neighbor gifts, work gifts, friend gifts...

Also, remember this Christmas card giveaway from last year? Also, if you haven't done your Christmas cards, you're in luck! Check out my custom Christmas card design deal here.

Good luck getting ready for Christmas :)

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