Turkey killing and a freebie

I may or may not have accidentally killed a turkey and two cats when I was a little girl. I grew up on a farm in Orem, Utah. It was just a really small family farm and all we really did was raise a few animals and an abundance of dogs, but as you can imagine it was a very eventful childhood and there was always some kind of crisis going on, one of which I will tell you about now :)

We'll save the killing-of-the-cats story for another time. But as for the turkey, let's just say I thought he really really needed a bath. Looking back, it's really quite amazing that the bath itself didn't kill the turkey. I mean, I was quite talented to be able to give a turkey a bath period, but then to not drown it is another thing entirely. It was after the bath that was the problem. I don't really remember what time of year it was, but it was cold and my around-7-year-old-brain couldn't think through the fact that Mr. Turkey should be dried off really well before he was sent back to his barnyard home (where were my parents?! really :). It suffice to say that his death was probably a slow and unpleasant one. May Mr. Turkey rest in peace.

In honor of Mr. Turkey, I have a Thanksgiving giveaway! Remember this post from last year? Here are some new "thankful" tags for this year. What a wonderful way to record what your family is thankful for from year to year.

You can download the PDF here.

Check out this freebie from last year as well!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lindsey & Tony said...

Chrissy, I loved your story of the turkey. I have heard however that freezing to death is the best way to go. Even though you are uncomfortable for a while, right before you die they say you warm up. I have no idea how people would know this but... anyway. I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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