Printable Quiet Book

After designing a printable quiet book for my son, I decided as an afterthought to post it on Pinterest. My thought was that if I had taken the time to put it together, I might as well let others enjoy it too! I never expected it to go viral. I have had almost 30,000 views on the Quiet Book page alone!  I am delighted that so many will use it.

The quiet book, as I mentioned, was for my son and was quite boyish. Not wanting to leave out all those girlie girls, I've now designed a girlie quiet book for them as well! 

The download is 100% FREE. Click here to download it.

These pages are wonderful for hand-eye coordination, visual recognition, number recognition, color
 recognition, and a whole slew of other benefits. Not to mention a wonderful way to keep your little 
one(s) busy during church or any other time or place when you need peace and quiet. 

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Thank you to everyone who has made our Quiet Book a success!

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