Kate Spade's Apartment

I love interior decorating. There are few things that are quite as fun or rewarding as creating
a beautiful space to live in. I have come to appreciate it even more since becoming a stay-at-home mom. 
Mostly because I spend most of my time at home and also because I feel passionately about
creating a safe, serene and loving atmosphere for my husband and children.

Few things are as inspiring as seeing a home that is as uniquely stylish as the home of Kate Spade.
Get ready to drool!

Notice the incredible crown molding.

Some of it is a little over-the-top for my taste but I admire those who are not afraid to be bold
and just live with what they love!

I love those checkerboard floors! Someday we will have that in our home.

Beautiful white cabinets and subway tile.

This is probably my favorite image of them all. Textured (dupioni silk?) wallpaper, tiny tile on the floor,
a great dose of framed wall art, and a bright red chair. 

I love that the apartment is not huge- it feels so cozy, warm and safe. 
What an inspiration!

Interior Decorator: Steven Sclaroof
Photographers: Tina Barney, Jason Frank Rothenberg, Noe DeWitt and Eric Morin

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