Inexpensive baby shower gift!

I don't know why but I have always preferred to make a gift over buying one. Initially I would say it was because it was less expensive, but we all know that usually that is not the case. I also love to because it's fun to cultivate my hobbies in the process of making a gift. But really I think I love to give a handcrafted gift because I have just always felt that it meant more to me and hopefully the recipient!

This past weekend I had 2 baby showers so I decided to use this freezer paper stencil tutorial. It was so easy. It is basically 5 simple steps:

1. find and image you like
2. trace the image onto dull side of freezer paper and cut out.
3. iron image shiny side down onto fabric
4. paint negative space
5. Lightly iron image!

Haha I think it would have been even easier had I realized that I could have cut the image out directly from the freezer paper with my Cricut. But, at least this shows that you can do it by hand with an exacto knife as well.

I quickly figured out that I needed a simpler image, so I decided to use this whale silhouette i got from a previous post here on the blog. So here is my finished product! Happy Stenciling!

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