Thanksgiving Freebie

I have always loved Thanksgiving. There's a nice crisp feel in the air and the changing leaves are so beautiful. There is something unspeakably safe and warm about gathering with loved ones and eating lovely, yummy food. One of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving was the year we each went around the table and told what we were most thankful for. Maybe this sounds silly to some, because you do it every year, but for us it was a rarity and I appreciated it so much! 

Even if you do say what you are thankful for each year, what a better way to document it than with these thankful tags? They are the perfect way for each person to write down how they feel, then hold onto from year to year. 

Oh how excited I am to someday have a card, sloppily written by chubby little fingers, to show my grownup son. Cherished moments that if missed, you can never get back..... Anyways, I digress.

To celebrate getting 100 "likes" on our facebook page, we are giving everyone the tags as a freebie! You can download the PDF from our facebook page or you can simply click on the image to enlarge and Save As.


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