Hello Whimsy Place readers! I'm Stephanie, your new Tuesday post-er!
For the sake of introduction, here's a recent family photo:
I would be the one in the red pants.
I'd like to call myself a Jackie of all trades...
  in the sense that I have lots of hobbies that I'm really only mediocre at ;)

I happen to be a certified personal trainer with a passion for interior design. I know, they totally go hand-in-hand right? Do you not get a work out repainting a dresser or putting up wallpaper? Or really get your heart rate soaring when you spot a gorgeous interior space on pinterest? There ya go!

Behold some of my loves (and a sense of my style) in the interior realm:

I've become such a sucker for black and gold GLAM! I especially love it paired with a little bit of rustic.

Green-obsessed. That is me.. especially when it involves emerald velvet drapes + an awesome basket chandy

I've jumped on the mint/seafoam train with ya'll. And there's nothing better than pretty, feminine accessories.
 And if there's a style that defines me, it's got to be Hollywood Regency. Including the likes of Mary McDonald. Give me lacquered walls any day..

See ya next Tuesday ;)

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