DIY Book Page Wreath

Yay! After close to 11 hours of folding and glueing and folding and glueing, I have finally finished by book page wreathe! I love it! It looks classy and pretty and goes everywhere and with everything!

First of all, start with something less expensive than a foam core. Try using tubing, or better yet use an old pool noodle. Just cut it to length and tape both ends together using duck tape.

Next, get an old book. I found one that had yellowed pages because I like the aged look. Then one by one fold each page in thirds long ways. Make sure not to crease it. You want it to end up looking like a ruffle.

Then, after you fold each peice, hot glue in on to your noodle. I started on the outside and layered them toward the inside. In this picture here you can see that i started layering close to 20 in each row. However, i finished with 7 or 8.

It was much faster and just as cute. Every once in a while i would stick an extra one here or there in places that looked to sparce to thicken it up, but for the most part, 8 was great and saved on time. I also laid some pages down flat to cover the noodle before I put on my ruffles as I started using less pages.

I hope you love my wreathe as much as i do.

And...in the spirit of posting on Halloween day... some last minute Halloween decorations!

My monogrammed pumpkin! I totally love white pumpkins, and painting was so much easier and cleaner than carving! Definitely a during-my-kids-nap type of project, just in time for Trick-or-Treaters!

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The Gilberts said...

That turned out Beautiful! Wow Emylee! I may have to copy that. :)

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