Ombre to the MAX

I gotta admit, the ombre thing has really grown on me. Didn't we all see the dark roots at first, and think OMG how ugly?! And now I've done it to my own hair... twice.

Takes me a second to adapt to the new trends but now of course I'm hooked.
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Are these nails the bomb or what?!
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I love how ideas are popping up everywhere in decorating as well..
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 K chevron was awesome enough, but then making it with an ombre effect?! Rad
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 I'm infatuated with this desk. The coral-y pink colors, PLUS that awesome chair...
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If you haven't seen ceiling medallion art yet, here it is, to knock your socks off. Bump it up a notch and make it ombre.. amazing
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A little DIY art is always a good idea, especially if you're artistically challenged, like perhaps, me
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Wedding flowers tablescape... totally digging it
 via marthastewartwedding.com

And some more wedding bliss in purple. lOvE
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I've been searching for an image of someone who's painted walls with this effect. It could look so awesome!

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