It has been almost a year since I said goodbye to the Whimsy Place blog. In that time we added another member to our growing family!

Cambridge Colette is now 8 weeks old and my little angel. We are so delighted to have her here and her sweet little spirit brings so much happiness to our home! I love being a mother to my two beautiful children.

As many of you know, my pregnancies have been so incredibly difficult that it's nearly impossible to focus on anything other than getting by - which is the real reason I had to take a break from Whimsy Place. But now that my babe is here and we are over the hump of sleepless nights, I am so very excited to be back!

Over the last 5 years I have dabbled in a number of creative pursuits: frame making, photography, interior design, stationery design and sales, etc. I get in full-swing with a website, clients, sourcing, etc. only to come to realize that I cannot sustain the amount of clients I've received without jeopardizing my roll as mother. It's been hard to find a balance between being a wife and mother, and having a fulfilling creative outlet. I'm sure so many of you have been in the same place!

Every time I have decided to "quit" something, or shift my focus back to my family I have felt guilty and silly for letting all my clients down, but knew it was the right decision at the time. After a lot of thought and consideration, I believe I have finally found the right place for me! I will use this blog to share my creative pursuits - whatever they may be at the time. For example,

  • I'm working to lose my post-baby weight and created a chart to track my progress. I will be posting that as a freebie tomorrow. 
  • My son needed some activities to keep him entertained during church so I designed a magnetic quiet book which I posted on Pinterest and have now had over 20,000 page views from.
  • I designed some art for our new nursery which I will post as a freebie next week.

So, my plan is to continue doing and designing the things I would normally do! The only difference is that I will post them here for anyone and everyone to use. I can't promise regular posts, and my posts may seem random, but I hope you'll still stick around and enjoy some of my creativity. 

Thank you for your love and support!

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