VDay giveaway

I love Valentines day! I know there are some bah humbugs who say it's just a retailer's excuse to encourage money spending, but what a wonderful opportunity to share your love with those around you!

My favorite gifts are small, inexpensive and meaningful- which is exactly what our giveaway is all about. I printed out a version of these last year just for my family, then left them taped to each member's bedroom door along with little cut-out hearts (a heart attack, if you will :), and a small bag of candy.

I enjoyed filling them out so much that I didn't really think much about how my family members would react receiving them but was astounded at the response! Listing the reasons why I loved each person meant so much more than just saying, "I love you." Each person individually approached me with a tender "thank you" and a great big hug. Definitely my favorite Valentines day to date! Which is why this year I wanted to design the same thing for you, my lovely readers!

If you take the time to print them out and give them to those you love, I can promise you wont regret it.

Click here for the download and don't forget to share it!

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