Seeking Intern

Hello All!

I've been working hard the past few weeks on the launch of our new website and blog- it's been a lot of work tying up the loose ends and making sure every detail is right. I'm very excited about what's in store for Whimsy Place!

I am looking for a talented gal to intern with Whimsy Place. She needs to have a natural eye for design- wether it be interior design, graphic design or fashion. Experience and schooling is not required, just talent and a desire to learn. Compensation will be negotiable.

For those interested, please email me at whimsyplace@gmail.com and give me a quick reply to these questions, along with a small sample of your work or style:

Why are you interested in this position?
What talents and strengths do you have that will benefit Whimsy Place?
Why should we choose you over someone else?
How can Whimsy Place help you accomplish your goals?

That's all! Please don't be shy- I know putting yourself out there can be a bit scary, but you really have nothing to lose.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

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