Lovely in White

I've been a Home & Interior Design buff since I can remember. 
When I was in 7th grade, I remember I had a sleep over at my friends home who lived 
in quite the neighborhood & quite the house.
I of course asked for a tour, of the at least 8,000 sq ft beauty, and fell in love with design. 

I grew up going to the Parade of Homes here in Utah. This is an event that takes place in several different counties all over the state, and you get the privilege of touring new construction & sometimes remodeled homes that are fully designed and landscaped. In most cases the homes are for sale, but some have already been sold. I've been able to change and develop my vast design style through the years by being able to view these amazing homes. I get more excited for the Parade of Homes than Disneyland. 

Over the past year I've changed my design style quite a bit... 
I used to love dark rustic cabinets, dark hardwoods, and would decorate in reds & greens...
That's typical Utah style for ya. Although, I still do love green, I've had a change of heart in other areas. 

This post is about white kitchens. I love the feel they have, the cleanliness, and the brightness. White cabinets and counters will make any color pop & makes cleaning messes a breeze, since you will almost always be able to see it. I also feel white is timeless & you can always update the hardware for a fresh modern look.

See some of my inspiration below...
(All pictures are via Pinterest)
 I love these floors! And especially that they are painted hardwood. Beaut!

 How cute & fresh does this white kitchen look with that pop of mint?

 So I know this isn't all white, but I think it has a similar feel. I love the moderness & coziness of it. 

 I LOVE this. My favorite color is orange, and I love how it pops against the white. 

 Gorgeous, that marble is gorgeous. The end. 

 Amazing, however that plant needs to find another home...

 Such a pretty feel, love the subway tile. 

 I'm pretty sure this kitchen is magical. I'd just bake cupcakes and blend milkshakes all day!
I mean seriously adorable. That scalloped range hood, love. 

Happy Thursday! 


Stephanie said...

your posts are so funny lol. I'm reading this, both cracking up, and having a heart attack at how PRETTY these are! K so I love some of those ceilings- so gorgeous and I"m like reeeeeally hoping my kitchen is white enough, because our counters are kind of a mix, but i LOVE the white white. And yes I'm pretty sold on the mint accents as well =)

Stephanie said...

PS this rocks that just you and me comment on each other's posts lol

Polly said...

Love the white - that's what I've been thinking about for our house! Love your posts! Mom...

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