Powder Bath

My post last week about wallpaper really got my design scheming going! One of my favorites is a bold powder bathroom, because it's unexpected, but it's a small space so it's inexpensive! My husband and I are building a house and I've never had a powder bath with a cute vanity so I'm stoked about the possibilities!

We've got the flooring picked out as well as the pedestal sink... I already own the mirror and towels, so I had to wing it with the rest. You like?

I'm minorly obsessed with huge-scale floral wallpaper. And I think every space needs a pop of color, hence the blue mirror. The bathroom is quite feminine, my husband won't like it much. But that's why he has a home office =)

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The Walkers said...

I absolutely love it!!

Megan Parkes said...


Deborah said...

It looks amazing, good job! How do you paint a mirror aqua???

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