Nifty Gifties

I want to share a really inexpensive gift idea great for that person in your life who wants to be organized and stylish at the same time.  This is a beautiful dry erase calendar. It was super easy and really fun to make. I actually used everything I already had, except for the gold paint.

1 frame with the glass
paint to refinish it how you like
material ( i love the rustic burlap against the gold, don't you?!)
paint to stencil the week days
permanent marker
freezer paper ( or a stencil of any type)

I started by measuring a grid on the inside of the glass and drawing  lines with a permanent marker, leaving a larger gap at the top.

 I then wrapped my burlap on the back cardboard part of the frame. After measuring the grid on the glass I was able to determine where to stencil my S M T W... (etc) onto the burlap. I did this using the freezer paper method that I blogged about here.

 It was simple to cut the letters out of the freezer paper with my Cricuit but if you don't have one you can buy stencils at Joann's or any other craft store. Then, you simply assemble the frame like normal with the burlap wrapped on the board and the glass in front.

 It's great because you can change the Calendar every month by simply using a dry erase marker on the front to write in the month and the dates. I love how it tricks the eye and almost looks like you wrote on the burlap! By the way, I wiped some dark stain over this  frame after I sprayed it gold to give it a lived-in aged feel.

I hope this helps take care of at least one person on your list. Now, all you have to worry about is how to pay for shipping! Aaaahhh that always drives me bonkers! Good luck, and please share any creative and inexpensive gift ideas that you have! Thanks,

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